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Join thousands of players with an unfair advantage


Copy-paste the 97 exploits Charlie Carrel used to turn $50 into $10 Million

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​Founded by 8-figure winner Charlie "Fuck GTO" Carrel

97 high-stakes exploits guaranteed to crush


217 Videos

35 hours of laser precise live exploitative gameplay as Charlie turns $50 into $10,000


Epiphany Elite Room

Join the private Elite Room with only the most dedicated winning players



Compete, level up the ranks, complete prop bets and win exclusive rewards


Exclusive Business Opportunities

Affiliate, Staking, CFP, Rakeback


97 Exploits

Copy-paste the 97 Exploits Charlie used to turn $50 into $10 million


Live Coaching

Join Charlie Carrel and hundreds of winning players live for monthly challenges and coaching


Accountability Buddy

Connect with a higher stakes player to help you move up


Bankroll Boosters

Freerolls, give-aways, cash challenges, competitions

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Join thousands of players with game-changing results

Helena May profile photo, Bunnytricks7, female poker player, Charlie Carrel testimonial

Helena May | Bunnytricks7

"I cannot express the depths of value, both for my poker career and personally. I am so excited to play with what I learned there going forward and to continue discussing and growing from those lessons with this wonderful group of people."

Sam Clark.jpg

Sam Clark

"I'm not going to be sharing what I learned here. It's extremely valuable and I realise what a steal I got by getting it for this price. Trust me, you don't want the world to know about this." 

Pico MIO_edited.jpg

Paco Mio

"You become unstoppable"

"Once you master these skills you become unstoppable. You can take some crazy lines, make the most dubious calls and thin value bets, you can induce folds and bluffs. It's as though you're racing an F1 while your opponents are riding a go-kart. Charlie has your best interests at heart and will help you get to the next level. "

"I cannot express the depths of value"

"You don't want the world to know about this"

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